Our Business


An exclusive service which allows you to create buttons which are best suited for your collection.

Our sales representatives and assistants are informed professionals who advise you in your choices, personalisations and developments.

A sales representative and an assistant are assigned to each client and are the preferred correspondents.
The assistant processes orders from beginning to end and does everything possible to satisfy the requirements regarding deadlines and quality.
In order to be in tune with the requirements of the creation of ready-to-wear, we make your prototypes as quickly as possible. Dyes can be made in 24 hours in the same colours as your fabric as can the laser engraving.

Our premises in Pantin have available all of the necessary material for turning, laser engraving, varnishing and dyeing.


Buttons which are constantly renewed
            With various accessories…

Every six months, we propose new items in terms of shape, colours, and fabrics.

With a centennial long history of over one hundred years, the inspiration for our products continues to expand thanks to new acquisitions both during sales specifically for professionals and at bric-a-brac traders.


We propose :

Natural materials

  • Mother-of-pearl: Agoya shell, white, Tahitian, Trocas shell, Sudan
  • Horn: Cow, buffalo and Zebu  
  • Bone
  • Corozo
  • Wood: Olive, Ebony, Macassar, Turkey oak, Coconut

All of the natural materials we use come from farmed animals (without exception) or from forests harvested respecting sustainable development.

Polyester imitations:  Our polyester buttons, exclusively from Europe, guarantee controlled quality as well as greater creativity.

Metal : brass or zamak

Other eccentric materials, such as jet or elements coming from lace-making.