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Customer Service

Serving clients and fashion.

Sales TEAM

Our sales representatives are specialised in the button and fashion sectors. Besides presenting our catalogues, they advise you and accompany you in the creation of your collections.

Our sales representatives and agents are present in France as well as several other countries. We invite you to contact us in order to meet with them.

Sales office

Stéphanie, Audrey and Delphine process your requests and orders, from the offer to delivery passing by sampling and the collection, ensuring the monitoring by a single correspondent.

Personalised developments require the full attention of our sales team.

Order preparation

Annie and Valérie personally process the orders and ensure the liaison with the dyeing workshop. In collection periods, they make our products.

Our company not being compartmentalised, other members of the team are likely to be mobilised in order to satisfy demands when the activity of the company increases. The versatility of our employees ensures constant service for our clients.


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Equipe de vente
Bureau commercial
Préparation commande


Everything to create and produce buttons


Messias makes prototypes and small series of turned buttons.

Guy worked with buttons since 1971. He has shared his expertise to Messias who was previously a dyer.

The workshop is equipped with:

  • Manual lathes for very specific operations.
  • Automatic conventional lathes used for some small series and types of turning.
  • Digital-controlled 3 axes lathes allowing the production of buttons from digitalised drawings.
  • Latest-generation finishing equipment (sanding and polishing).


Pauline is a computer graphics specialist and also, works with a laser machine allowing the personalisation of buttons both on the side and on the front of the buttons.


Seeven is our dyer. He does the dyeing of our buttons with your fabric in all different quantities (collection and production). He has the expertise which allows him to exactly adapt the colours of your buttons to those of your textiles. The dyeing workshop also has a cubicle allowing the application of varnish and other finishing touches.

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The management of the company is composed of a team of four people who have worked together for may years:


Philippe NORMAND - The Boss
Specialist in sundries for ready-to-wear for over 25 years.

Naïma REKIOUAK - Managing Directo
Having joined the company forty years ago, she has climbed the rungs up the ladder.

Jacky CLEENEWERCK - Manager of accounting and administration
Twenty years of experience.